Ontario Continues to Lead in Renewable Energy
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TORONTO—Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced today the province will add 930 MW of renewable energy—enough to power approximately 250,000 average Canadian homes—from solar photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric and bioenergy sources, through the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Large Renewable Procurement Process. 


Sarah Petrevan, a senior policy advisor at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to Ontario’s continuing investment in clean, renewable energy:

“Ontario is leading the pack nationally in renewable energy—delivering jobs and success in a low-carbon economy. Today’s announcement is timely and guarantees that Ontarians will reap the benefits of clean energy now and into the future so we don’t have to increase our reliance on polluting sources of electricity.

“Ontario set a target for renewable energy to comprise about half of installed capacity by 2025—this is another step towards that goal. By timing this offer so that projects will come online in 2022, Ontarians will have access to low-carbon electricity while nuclear facilities are being refurbished.

“Renewable energy companies are leveraging their foundation in Ontario to successfully launch into the global marketplace. SkyPower Global, for example, grew up in Ontario and is now securing contracts in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

“In addition to spurring growth at home, the Ontario government needs to continue to support Ontario companies as they seek out new markets. Premier Wynne’s recent trade mission to India illustrates the opportunity abroad: India is seeking to deliver 100 GW of solar capacity and 60 GW of wind by 2022. Ontario companies need access to such markets to continue their growth and success.”


  • US$367 billion was invested globally in renewable power in 2015 (Source: Clean Energy Canada)
  • In 2014, Ontario welcomed more than half of the nation’s clean-energy investment, with $4.5 billion of investment (Source: Clean Energy Canada)
  • Between 2010 and 2014, $12.7 billion was invested in renewable power in Ontario (Source: Clean Energy Canada)
  • Ontario is home to numerous renewable energy companies—including AMP Solar Group, SkyPower Global and Canadian Solar—that develop projects and manufacture clean energy equipment both in Ontario and around the world (Source: Clean Energy Canada)
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