Alberta Moves to Implement its Climate Leadership Plan

EDMONTON—Today the Alberta government introduced Bill 20, the Climate Leadership Implementation Act. The new legislation will achieve the following:

  1. Set in law Alberta’s carbon levy and rebate

  2. Ensure revenue from the carbon levy is invested into actions that address climate change

  3. Establish Energy Efficiency Alberta as a provincial agency.


“With today’s announcement, the Alberta government has taken the next step in strengthening the province’s reputation as an energy leader and building a more resilient and innovative economy.

“Moving forward with phasing out coal, reducing energy waste and producing more renewable energy will allow Alberta to forge its own energy future. It will create sustainable jobs, diversify Alberta’s economy and make the province more competitive.

“When it comes to climate change policy, governments make a lot of promises, but all too rarely do they get around to delivering on them. This legislation demonstrates that Alberta is committed to achieving results.

“Pricing carbon pollution—and investing in solutions—sends a strong signal to Albertans and Canadians that the province is serious about delivering on its Climate Leadership Plan. This resolve will serve Albertans well as governments across Canada work together to reduce carbon pollution while stimulating growth in clean energy technologies and solutions.”

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