Alberta renewables should have fewer roadblocks than fossil fuels, not more

VICTORIA — Evan Pivnick, clean energy program manager at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the Alberta government’s six-month moratorium on new wind and solar power projects.

“While Alberta moves full speed ahead on approving new fossil fuel projects, it inexplicably has put the brakes on developing renewable energy projects.

“Alberta has world-class renewable energy resources and has already established itself as a leader in Canada, attracting new investment and new jobs to the province. Now instead of moving faster, the government is choosing delay and red tape for the projects that are needed most.

According to the Business Renewable Centre, Alberta was on track to see $3.7 billion worth of renewables construction by 2023, creating over 4,500 jobs. Clean Energy Canada’s own analysis suggested that Alberta’s clean energy sector will grow 10% a year out to 2050—the fastest of any province or territory. Between 2025 and 2050, there could be as many as 419,000 clean energy jobs added in the province.

“Clean electricity—especially coming from renewable sources—is increasingly being recognized as a Canadian competitive advantage. It isn’t a partisan issue anymore. Governments in B.C., Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec have all centred clean electricity in their economic strategies, with many taking explicit steps to procure more energy from renewable energy projects. Alberta, meanwhile, is erecting barriers.

“Wind and solar are already the cheapest ways to generate electricity in Alberta. And with the new Federal Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit, these projects will be able to offer even cheaper electricity at lower costs to Albertans. 

“Ultimately, it is Albertans who will pay the price for these delays.”


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