We conduct and commission original research and economic modeling to better understand how quickly technology is shifting the energy landscape and how policy decisions made—or not made—today will impact our competitiveness and quality of life tomorrow.

Like all of our materials, our reports are about as far from “dry” as you can get. We pride ourselves on making our materials accessible, colorful, and entertaining.

Every year, Clean Energy Canada takes a fresh look at the transition to clean energy, and every year it’s amazing how much has changed—and how quickly. This year is no exception. We identified five disruptive trends that are accelerating the global transition to clean energy. Just as social media upended communications, the transition to clean…

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The global shift to electric cars is well underway, bringing with it big changes for drivers, industries and governments around the world. But as our peers accelerate, Canada is coasting—on both policy and per-capita sales. In 2016, just 0.6 per cent of car sales in Canada were for electric vehicles, well behind the U.S., U.K.,…

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Last year, the federal government announced it would develop a policy that aims to cut more carbon pollution than any other in the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, by promoting the production and use of cleaner fuels in vehicles, buildings and industry. By 2030, Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard is expected to reduce…

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This submission contains comments and recommendations from Clean Energy Canada and the Pembina Institute on the draft regulations under Bill 104 for a Zero Emission Vehicle Standard in Quebec.

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The rapid growth of clean energy in countries around the world has garnered significant media attention, driven by record-breaking investment and deployment. Less discussed is the associated growth in demand for the metals and minerals used to manufacture clean energy technologies—and the opportunities and challenges this creates for mining companies and communities. This report explores…

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The Clean Fuel Standard is critical to Canada’s national climate plan. It has the potential to reduce emissions by 30 Mt CO2eq beyond existing measures and expand the market for low-carbon fuels. There remain design questions, however. To help address them, Clean Energy Canada contracted Navius Research to model several scenarios showing how the Clean…

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We commend Ontario for developing its Modern Renewable Fuel Standard, an important part of a package of policies designed to meet the province’s greenhouse gas reduction targets while growing the economy. A low carbon transportation sector will need increased deployment of both commercial and new low-carbon fuel and vehicle technologies, creating significant opportunities for new…

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In fall 2016, Clean Energy Canada commissioned Nanos Research to conduct a survey of Canadians’ opinions on energy and climate issues, including specific policies that Canada’s leaders could adopt to cut carbon pollution and the federal government’s role in implementing a national plan. This backgrounder presents the results for seven survey questions, along with the exact question…

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