We conduct and commission original research and economic modeling to better understand how quickly technology is shifting the energy landscape and how policy decisions made—or not made—today will impact our competitiveness and quality of life tomorrow.

Like all of our materials, our reports are about as far from “dry” as you can get. We pride ourselves on making our materials accessible, colorful, and entertaining.

We commend Ontario for developing its Modern Renewable Fuel Standard, an important part of a package of policies designed to meet the province’s greenhouse gas reduction targets while growing the economy. A low carbon transportation sector will need increased deployment of both commercial and new low-carbon fuel and vehicle technologies, creating significant opportunities for new…

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In fall 2016, Clean Energy Canada commissioned Nanos Research to conduct a survey of Canadians’ opinions on energy and climate issues, including specific policies that Canada’s leaders could adopt to cut carbon pollution and the federal government’s role in implementing a national plan. This backgrounder presents the results for seven survey questions, along with the exact question…

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What would happen if you took today’s best provincial climate policies and applied them across Canada? While the prime minister and the provincial and territorial premiers work to develop a national clean growth and climate action plan, some provinces have already adopted policies that are cutting carbon pollution and driving clean economic development. Clean Energy Canada…

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Expert assessments are clear: to tackle climate change, we need clean electricity. This comes as excellent news for Canada: our country already has one of the cleanest electricity sectors in the world. Today, well over 60 per cent of our power comes from water, wind and sun—and that share of renewable electricity is poised to grow. In other words,…

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Canada spent 15 per cent less on new clean energy development in 2015 than in the previous year, and future growth in this sector will depend largely on policies being developed. That’s according to Clean Energy Canada’s latest national assessment in the Tracking the Energy Revolution series. A Pivotal Time for Clean Energy finds the slow-down…

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A Year for the Record Books Investment in clean energy set a new record last year, with more money invested globally in new renewable power than in new power from fossil fuels. 2015 was also the first year that clean energy investment was higher in developing countries than in developed ones. Yet amid this global…

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British Columbia can continue to grow its economy while reducing carbon pollution and meeting its climate targets. A Clean Economy and Jobs Plan for British Columbia presents new analysis into the economic implications of taking new climate action in B.C. It finds the province would see steady GDP growth and 900,000 new jobs by 2050 as it works…

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Clean Energy Canada and the C.D. Howe Institute collaborated on a study to calculate the full costs of traffic congestion in the Vancouver region. The study found that gridlock stops people from getting out and doing the things they otherwise would do, and this reduces face-to-face contact and the economic benefits that come with it….

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