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Ontario is a cleantech leader, but momentum must continue

OTTAWA — Sarah Petrevan, senior policy advisor at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to Ontario’s 2018 election:

“The economic benefits of fighting climate change are real and will only increase. The global cleantech market is estimated to be worth more than $5.8 trillion—and growing.

“What’s more, Ontario has the largest and fastest-growing cleantech sector in Canada and is home to 36 per cent of the nation’s cleantech companies with proprietary technology.

“The world is transitioning rapidly to a cleaner future, and Ontario is helping it get there. Our message for the new Progressive Conservative government is simple: It’s a competitive world out there. Ontario needs to play to win.

“Canada’s biggest province is a cleantech leader, thanks in part to smart climate policy. To maintain this momentum, the government of Ontario will continue to have an important role to play.”


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