We’ve reached peak Site C. You can’t turn on the TV, open a newspaper or scroll through Twitter without hearing about B.C.’s multi-billion-dollar Site C mega-dam. And depending on the day and who’s being interviewed, it’s either the best or worst thing possible for the province. Central to the debate is whether or not B.C….

Nissan Leaf

Not long ago, electric cars were curiosities — auto show novelties, toys for the rich, outliers in oil-demand forecasts. But like the iPhone, Netflix and other history-bending innovations, electric vehicles, or EVs, are poised to rewrite the book on transportation. The global shift to electric cars is now well underway and accelerating, bringing with it…

If asked what the federal government is doing to cut carbon pollution, most Canadians would likely point to the policy they’ve heard the most about: carbon pricing. But there’s another tool in the pan-Canadian framework on clean growth and climate change that will cut far more carbon pollution than federal carbon pricing, and you probably…

Company name: ecobee Job title: Director Product Management Amount of time with company: 2 years Education/Training: MBA, Schulich School of Business; BEng, India At ecobee, a Toronto cleantech upstart, Sahaj Cheema found the right place to realize her passion: building products that solve problems for people. Sahaj leads development on the affordable ecobee 3 Lite…

Merran Smith and Dan Woynillowicz at a solar panel manufacturing facility in China. Clean Energy Canada, 2017.

What does Canada’s energy future look like over the longer term? It’s a critical and timely question—made even more relevant as our country, at least many of our political and business leaders, gets embroiled once again in a polarized debate about pipelines. And it’s the central topic of discussion this week at Generation Energy, an…

If the global clean energy transition were a music festival, China would be dominating the main stage. In the past five years alone, China has invested over half-a-trillion dollars in renewables. That clean energy building spree has propelled the country to superstar status—a remarkable feat considering that, until recently, China was easy to dismiss as…

For many Canadians, a clean energy job probably conjures up images of working in an engineering lab, manufacturing solar panels, or assembling a wind turbine. Sectors like mining are rarely top-of-mind in conversations about building a clean, low-carbon economy. But Canadian resource communities, companies and workers could soon find themselves at the forefront of the…

Last month, Ottawa officially kicked off work on a national strategy for zero-emission cars. And this week, a thoughtful report from Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission said that offering incentives to Canadians who buy those cars doesn’t make much sense. Our take? A national game plan to get more electric vehicles (EVs) on Canada’s roads is essential,…

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