Our Best Year Ever – Tracking the Energy Revolution Canada 2015

Clean energy investment surged last year, alongside renewable power that flowed into provincial grids from new solar, wind, and hydro projects. Our latest report plugs in.

As federal candidates leaders debate how best to manage Canada’s energy resources, we’ve released the most authoritative report to date on Canada’s clean energy performance. Tracking the Energy Revolution — Canada 2015 outlines record setting progress, clean energy champions, milestones, flagship projects.

It also offers a hint of what Canada’s next federal government can do to set the tone.

Here are the top three takeaways:

1. Investment and jobs are both on the rise

Investment in clean energy climbed 88 percent in 2014 to nearly $11 billion. That’s almost double the investment in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors combined. Also, employment in clean energy industry grew 14 percent—the fastest such rate of job growth in the country.

2. The secret ingredient is policy

Last year Ontario attracted nearly half of the nation’s clean energy investment, and it wasn’t by accident. The province’s Green Energy Act last year spurred Canada’s biggest wind power deal ever (CAD$2.8 billion), and the highest solar tally, too (CAD$1.6 billion).

3. Ottawa can take Canada’s clean energy industry to the next level

The news on clean energy is good, but with federal leadership, it could be terrific. Unlike Washington DC, Ottawa’s pretty much been ignoring this sector. We hope and expect this report will serve as a flashing neon sign for federal parties: There’s a huge opportunity here; get on board and show us what you can do

One thing is clear: Clean energy is the climate change solution, and a huge economic opportunity for a nation that seems fixated on getting oil and gas to market. Our report offers an accessible and well-curated snapshot of the good news, and the opportunities still to be captured.

For the full rundown of our nation’s clean energy performance, browse the full report. An electronic press kit also includes images and other assets that are also available to media. Media release here.

We produce both our Tracking the Energy Revolution reports (we released the global edition in July) to inform governments and inspire policy leadership.

For media assets, please see the “For the Media” section under Resources for the press kit.

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