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Media Statement: Response to Premiers' Statement on Canadian Energy Strategy

Announcement from Dan Woynillowicz, policy director of Clean Energy Canada at Tides Canada, on the summary released by premiers at the Council of the Federation regarding the development of a Canadian Energy Strategy:

“The Premiers’ reaffirmation of support for the development of an energy strategy is promising, but unless it’s integrated with efforts to reduce carbon pollution and address climate change it will fall short of its potential to secure our long-term economic competitiveness.

A Harris Decima poll released earlier this week shows that Canadians understand and support the development of a climate and energy strategy, and believe that it must transition Canada to a low-carbon economy to be successful.

Premier Clark’s encouragement of other Premiers to implement carbon taxes is very welcome, as this approach has proven successful in reducing carbon pollution without harming the economy.

As the Premiers continue work on this issue, we strongly encourage them to make reducing carbon pollution the heart of the Canadian energy strategy.”


Harris-Decima poll found 87 percent of those surveyed agreeing, “The nation needs a Canadian climate and energy strategy to plan its energy future.” In addition, the poll found that 62 percent of respondents agreed that, “A Canadian energy strategy will only be successful if it transitions Canada to a low-carbon economy.”

Canadians were also asked to indicate to what degree they would prioritize a series of objectives for a potential Canadian energy strategy. They identified as a “top” or “high” priority “improving energy efficiency” (80 percent), “creating more jobs in clean energy” (73 percent), “reducing Canada’s carbon pollution to slow down climate change” (67 percent), and “reducing our reliance on fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal” (61 percent).

In contrast, only 31 percent of those surveyed placed a “top” or “high” priority on “exporting more of Canada’s oil and gas resources.”

The Harris-Decima teleVox poll surveyed 1,000 Canadians on behalf of Clean Energy Canada at Tides Canada by telephone between July 4th and 8th 2013, and the survey reflects a margin of error of +/- 3.1%.

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