Underneath It All

Ensuring Canada’s electricity grid can power our net-zero and economic ambitions is no small undertaking—and a big opportunity

Key Takeaways

  • As the world shifts away from fossil fuels, Canada will need roughly twice as much electricity to be net-zero by 2050. Tweet this
  • Electrifying our economy drives down emissions and demand for oil and gas. Without abundant clean electricity, Canada cannot effectively combat climate change. Tweet this
  • In a world increasingly looking for low-carbon goods, services, and power, increasing Canada’s clean electricity supply will create jobs and give Canada’s economy a competitive edge. Tweet this
  • Clean electricity offers opportunities for Indigenous participation and ownership in the energy transition. Indigenous communities and enterprises are already the largest single owner of clean energy assets in Canada after Crown and private utilities. Tweet this
  • Clean electricity can help households save on energy bills and insulate consumers from fossil fuel price shocks. Provinces with cleaner grids, like Quebec, B.C., and Manitoba, tend to have the lowest electricity prices in the country. Tweet this

Executive Summary

Canada is an electricity heavyweight. It’s the world’s sixth-largest electricity producer and third-largest electricity exporter. Canada also has a clean electricity grid that is 83% emission-free, with lower electricity rates than many countries. Our electricity system appears poised for success, but the reality is that we aren’t prepared for a world committed to carbon neutrality.

Our newest report, Underneath It All, dives into four reasons Canada needs to go big on clean electricity: to ensure Canada can effectively combat climate change, to diversify and strengthen Canada’s economy, to further expand Indigenous clean energy ownership, and to improve energy security and affordability.

Done right, investing in clean electricity will clean up industry and grow exports. It will also keep power affordable for Canadian families and provide important economic opportunities for Indigenous and rural communities.

Canada can achieve its climate goals while driving job creation and economic competitiveness. As our closest trading partners and many of the world’s largest companies and investors demand cleaner goods, powering industries with clean electricity gives Canadian products a low-carbon advantage.

This new report offers a number of recommendations, including investing in a national clean electricity system, improving provincial collaboration, and streamlining the approval process for new clean energy projects.

The transition to clean energy is not about sacrificing our way of life—it’s about improving it. Download our report and learn more about how clean electricity underpins Canada’s road to net zero, and why governments must act today to ensure we are ready.

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