The Power of Procurement

The Government of Canada has made tackling climate change a policy priority, most prominently through its Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. Under that framework, the Government of Canada—together with provincial and territorial governments—has committed to “modernize procurement practices, adopt clean energy and technologies, and prioritize opportunities to help Canadian businesses grow, demonstrate new technologies and create jobs.” While seemingly a tall order, it’s also an important step toward Canada’s goal of building a resilient economy based on clean growth.

As governments choose clean energy and adopt technologies that reduce emissions and use energy more efficiently, they can spur growth in small and medium businesses. Such companies are the heart of any healthy economy. By taking a strategic approach to public procurement, the government can support Canadian clean energy companies with new opportunities and create jobs—all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This policy primer unpacks the important role public procurement can play in building Canada’s clean growth economy.