The New Reality

As jobs in fossil fuels decline amid a shifting global landscape, rapid growth in Canada’s clean energy sector will more than make up the difference.

So finds the modelling report, The New Reality, from Clean Energy Canada and Navius Research, which forecasts changes in jobs, GDP and investment in Canadian energy between 2020 and 2030.

Canada’s clean energy sector already employs 430,500 people—more than the entire real estate sector—and by 2030, that number is projected to grow almost 50% to 639,200 under the federal government’s new climate plan. At the same time, Canada’s fossil fuel sector will see a 9% drop in employment. In terms of raw numbers, the 208,700 new clean energy jobs added by 2030 far exceed the 125,800 lost in fossil fuels.

Canada’s clean energy sector is made up of companies and jobs that help reduce carbon pollution, whether by generating clean energy, helping move it, reducing energy consumption, or making low-carbon technologies. It includes a wide range of jobs, from technicians working in renewable energy generation, like wind and solar, to the worker assembling battery packs for new electric buses to the insulator retrofitting homes so they waste less energy.