2. About This Report

Power to Change: How Alberta Can Green its Grid and Embrace Clean Energy outlines two scenarios under which the province could cut air pollution and greenhouse gases while reducing the energy security and economic risks associated with relying too heavily on a single source of electricity. This document outlines how quickly—and to what degree—Alberta can reduce its risky reliance on a single source of fuel, be it coal (historically and present day) or, increasingly, natural gas. While this report stops short of prescribing a particular policy, it does identify the main barrier to increased renewable energy adoption in the province and supports policy measures designed to overcome it.

We produced Power to Change to inform Albertans that they have the resources, the know-how and the opportunity to become clean energy leaders. We also hope to inspire provincial electricity-

policy leadership and set the bar of ambition for what a prospective Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy Framework should look like.

Most of all, the results demonstrate that Alberta can reduce its heavy reliance on fossil fuels for electricity supply, diversifying its grid with a stronger mix of clean renewable sources. A clean electricity transition and transformation is possible, practical, affordable and in the interests of Albertans.