The Impact of B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan and Federal Carbon Price

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In August 2016 the Government of British Columbia released its Climate Leadership Plan. That plan was announced as the first step in a series of actions B.C. would be taking to meet the province’s legislated 2050 emissions reduction target of 80% below 2007 levels.

This report presents the method and results of an analysis that forecasts the impact of B.C.’s CLP on provincial greenhouse gas emissions from the present to 2050. The model covers all provincial GHG emissions, except those resulting from human induced changes to forest carbon.

The results show that with the implementation of all policies described in the CLP and the recently announced federal carbon price floor (50 $/tCO2e by 2022), B.C.’s emissions will be above the 2050 target as well as the 2020 target (33% below 2007 levels). By providing a breakdown of the remaining emissions by sector, this analysis can help identify what additional GHG reduction policies are required to achieve these targets.