What a Clean Fuel Standard Can Do for Canada

Last year, the federal government announced it would develop a policy that aims to cut more carbon pollution than any other in the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, by promoting the production and use of cleaner fuels in vehicles, buildings and industry. By 2030, Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard is expected to reduce carbon pollution by 30 million tonnes—equal to taking more than seven million cars off the road.

Working with Navius Research, Clean Energy Canada designed a version of the Clean Fuel Standard in line with the federal government’s plans for the policy. Our goal was to determine what this policy would mean for Canadians. What we found is that a well-designed Clean Fuel Standard—informed by experience with similar policies in California and B.C.—would not only help Canada cut pollution in keeping with our commitment under the Paris Agreement, it would create jobs in Canada’s clean fuel sector and grow a new segment of our economy. The Clean Fuel Standard is, in short, a powerful and proven policy.