Clean Energy Canada Submission to the Net-Zero Advisory Body

Clean Energy Canada submitted comments to the Net Zero Advisory Board as it develops guiding principles to inform the development of Canada’s first Emissions Reduction Plan. Action over the next decade—and policy decisions made over the next six to 12 months—will be critical in setting Canada on the path to net-zero.

Our comments focus on several areas where strong regulatory action is needed by government, including capping and reducing emissions from the oil and gas sector, mandating a shift to 100% zero-emissions vehicles by 2035 (for light-duty vehicles) and 2040 (for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles), and regulating the phase-out of fossil fuel-generated electricity by 2035.

In addition, we highlight the need for governments—and the private sector—to invest in key enabling net-zero technologies, including a massive ramp-up in renewable and non-emitting electricity, developing a clean domestic battery supply chain, and growing the market for low-carbon building materials.

Finally, we believe it is time to move beyond principles to focus on the actions needed to bend the emissions curve toward zero. In most cases, we know what needs to be done, but policy and action lag behind the latest climate science and economic modelling. Further delay will only make the transition more costly and disruptive, particularly for vulnerable Canadians. By acting now with urgency and ambition, Canada can limit economic and environmental damage at home while benefiting from opportunities created by the transition to net zero.