Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Canadian Model Availability Catalogue

A first-of-its-kind catalogue presenting key specifications for more than 150 zero-emission van, bus and truck models for sale in Canada

Executive Summary

Clean Energy Canada has partnered with zero-emission bus and truck expert CALSTART to develop a Canadian zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicle (ZEMHDV) model availability catalogue.

This first-of-its-kind catalogue presents key specifications for more than 150 zero-emission van, bus and truck models being offered for sale in Canada by 34 different OEMs. It demonstrates that there are zero-emission options across all vehicle and weight classes in pre-production, production or available for retrofit in the Canadian market today. Available vehicle types include: cargo vans and shuttle buses, school and transit buses, yard tractors, straight and box trucks, cabs and chassis that accommodate a multitude of upfits or bodies for different use cases, and tractor-trailers.

Where available, estimated purchase prices, wait times, charging times and available charging speeds are included as well. While we endeavored to standardize specifications across models, we could only include information that was provided to us by the vehicle manufacturer.

For charging speed and time, responses were specific to how the manufacturer characterized charging speed/time and may include specific or generalized lengths of time where available. Further details on charging and other specifications are available on manufacturer websites, which can be accessed by the QR codes provided under each model.

Across vehicle classes and segments, purchase prices varied greatly. Purchase prices are also highly dependent on customization, trims and other factors. As such, purchase prices included in this catalogue should be treated as a high-level guide for fleet owners and operators. Purchase prices do not include vehicle rebates. For further information on applicable federal and provincial incentives, see the section titled “Government Incentive Programs”.

Wait times also varied considerably, ranging from as few as 60 days to as long as 36 months from placing the purchase order to vehicle delivery.

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