Building Success: Implementing Effective Buy Clean Policies

Public infrastructure is responsible for eight million tonnes of embodied emissions annually, presenting a significant opportunity to reduce emissions and prepare the industrial and construction sectors for a net-zero future.

Implementing Buy Clean is a vital opportunity to learn lessons that can be applied to the entire built environment. For successful implementation of the federal government’s Buy Clean strategy, as well as Buy Clean policies at other levels of government, it is crucial to identify barriers early on and formulate constructive solutions.

This report is based on the findings of a workshop on October 18, 2023, when the Future of Infrastructure Group and the Buy Clean Industry Alliance brought together relevant stakeholders across the policy area and supply chain top discuss the challenges presented by Buy Clean implementation, and come together around consensus recommendations.

Interviewees and workshop participants converged on three specific pillars upon which a strong Buy Clean policy can be built:

  1. Mandate and centralize data
  2. Build a clear Buy Clean pathway that ensures early success
  3. Increase awareness and decrease risk