9. Conclusions

The Government of British Columbia has made it clear that its proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry will market the “cleanest LNG in the world” with “lower life cycle greenhouse gas emissions than anywhere else.” Were the province to fulfil this ambition and achieve this goal, from a carbon perspective it would be a world leader in responsible LNG production. Our analysis suggests that a mixture of available and proven technologies and processes—if deployed from wellhead to the ship terminal—could bring the goal within reach.

While additional research is required to understand the most cost-effective implementation options, we recommend the government put in place the policies and regulations that would require the emerging industry to deliver this desired level of performance. Further research is also required to determine what other benchmarks the industry needs to achieve in other no-less critical areas—such as aquatic, marine, and airshed stewardship—in order to reach its stated goal of producing “cleanest LNG in the world.”