4 – Conclusion: Towards a Clean Energy Accord

A Canadian energy strategy, encompassing the objectives, principles and priorities outlined above, could be an effective tool to accelerate Canada’s necessary transition to a low-carbon energy economy.

In lieu of a “top-down” style strategy, one first step might be to develop an agreement in principle between Canada’s governments–we might think of it as a Clean Energy Accord. With the involvement of business, labour, municipal governments, and civil society organizations, such a Clean Energy Accord would allow all governments and regions to identify and leverage their unique assets and resources to strengthen, diversify, and ultimately transform their economies. By working together more effectively, the regions will advance the national interest and build a stronger Canada.

These are lofty goals. It won’t be easy to work through a series of entrenched political and economic interests. But such cooperation and coordination will be critical to our success.

Indeed, we will not likely make the needed changes to compete as a nation unless each government sees itself as part of a larger effort to do so. We can and must capture a greater share of the jobs and opportunities presented by the energy transition. We can also follow through on our international commitments to reduce our carbon emissions.

The nation is ready, and time is not on our side. Let’s get it right.