New Energy Attitudes

By the middle of this century, we expect Canadians will have completely transformed their relationship with energy. In our vision, they would no longer assume that energy is free and ubiquitous, nor take the services it provides for granted. Instead, they would prioritize conservation and efficiency above all other considerations when making a decision in the home or marketplace.

When Canadians do require power and heat for buildings, transportation, communication, entertainment, and so on, we envision they would be generating it from renewable sources. They might also be producing this heat and power closer to where they use it, and use it sparingly—not because they would somehow be compelled to sacrifice their lifestyles, but because they would simply need less energy to conduct the business of daily life. They would quite literally be doing more, with far less.

Similar to this country’s success in largely eliminating illiteracy, by 2050 Canadians could become very knowledgeable about the close connections between our energy system, economy, and ecosystems. We imagine they might cultivate a strong sense of stewardship and pride of ownership over their energy services.