Leadership in Renewables and Energy Services

In the new energy economy of 2050, we envision that Canada will overwhelmingly derive its energy from clean and renewable sources— wind, solar, water, biomass, and geothermal resources—instead of fossil fuels. our industrial sector will remain vibrant while significantly different from that of 2011. When Canadians extract resources from their land and water base, they might do so with the smallest possible impacts and maximum possible value. Canadians could be key players in the closed loop of recovery and re-use of materials such as aluminum, steel, and asphalt. The nation’s commercial infrastructure might itself be part of the integrated energy system, and produce its own heat, electricity, and mobility.

We expect petroleum companies will, by 2050, have transformed into predominantly renewable energy and energy-services companies. They will no longer be selling energy commodities, but will instead deliver a wide range of energy services to Canadians.