New Models of Home and Neighborhood

By 2050, the average Canadian home could become a net producer of renewable energy. once retrofitted for performance and connected to a sophisticated and reliable grid, homes could be providing energy for comfort, illumination, entertainment, and other needs. They could also provide their owners with a measure of security against energy price increases, because the renewable “fuel” to heat, cool and power such a home would be free. In our vision, Canadian homes would be at once beautiful, accessible to a wide range of ages and lifestyles, and straightforward to operate and maintain.

Canada’s cities and towns could become integrated energy systems that enjoy remarkable efficiencies by considering together the needs and opportunities of services such as water and resource recovery with those of buildings and transportation. Unobtrusive and non-polluting district heat and power plants could provide resilience and a sense of community ownership over energy. In the neighbourhoods of 2050, we envision all the pieces of urban infrastructure working together, dynamically and seamlessly sharing resources and information for maximum efficiency.