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Media Release: Clean Energy Canada’s Smith joins SFU Centre for Dialogue

VANCOUVER—Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue announced today that Merran Smith, Director of Clean Energy Canada, has been named a Fellow within the Centre, effective immediately.

Along with Smith’s appointment, Clean Energy Canada will become a new program within SFU’s Centre for Dialogue. The program, formerly a project of Tides Canada, will continue to employ original research and dialogue to accelerate the nation’s shift to a clean and renewable energy economy. Smith will continue leading the program as executive director.

During her career, Smith has brought together business, government, and civil society organizations to create innovative solutions to some of the most challenging issues of our age. She received the Clean16 award for sustainability and clean capitalism, the Wilburforce Foundation Award for Outstanding Conservation Leadership, and a transformative leadership award for the Seasons Fund.

“I am honoured by the opportunity to team up with one of Canada’s most prestigious and respected universities,” said Smith.

“We are proud of the important work that Clean Energy Canada has accomplished as a Tides Canada project,” said Ross McMillan, President and CEO of Tides Canada. “SFU’s Centre for Dialogue is a natural platform to amplify Clean Energy Canada’s impact given its evolving policy focus. We look forward to continuing our work with SFU and Clean Energy Canada to advance a shared vision of a thriving green economy for the country.”

“Within a few short years, Clean Energy Canada has landed on the national stage as a critical contributor to important conversations about how to ensure Canada continues to prosper far into a carbon-constrained future,” said Shauna Sylvester, director of the Centre for Dialogue. “We’re thrilled to have Merran Smith and Clean Energy Canada join our climate solutions team, which also includes Carbon Talks and Renewable Cities.”

Based in Vancouver but active across the country, Clean Energy Canada builds awareness of and support for solutions that address climate disruption and foster an energy-efficient, ecologically responsible, and prosperous economy.

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