British Columbia

On climate, it’s about time B.C. got back on track

VICTORIA — Merran Smith, executive director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to British Columbia’s throne speech:

“If there was one line that stood out for me today, it was the one about getting B.C. back on track. It’s true: this province was once a climate leader. We introduced Canada’s first carbon tax and proved how effective and beneficial that policy can be. We led by example.

“Unfortunately, the previous government ignored the recommendations of its climate leadership team. We have a new team now, which I’m co-chairing, and we will be recommending ways for B.C. to fight climate change and grow its clean economy—because we know it’s the best way forward for B.C.

“We also know, based on research we’ve conducted, that B.C. can continue to grow its economy while cutting carbon pollution and meeting its climate targets.

“We have a proud history of environmental stewardship and clean innovation in this province. It’s why I wasn’t surprised when seven companies on a recent list of the world’s top 100 cleantech firms were from B.C. alone. It’s simple: a clean B.C. is not only a beautiful B.C.—it’s a thriving one. That’s something every government should remember.”


  • Based on our modelling, B.C. would see steady GDP growth and 900,000 new jobs by 2050 as it works to cut carbon pollution.
  • The federally mandated carbon price will go up to $50 per tonne by 2022.
  • This year’s Global Cleantech 100, unveiled in January, included 13 Canadian companies, seven of which were from B.C.
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