British Columbia

Media Statement: City of Vancouver Recommits to 100 Percent Clean Energy Goal

Noting that “cities, as the most direct level of government, need to take action,” Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson today introduced a motion to make Vancouver the first Canadian city—and one of a handful of urban centres worldwide—committing to taking concrete actions towards a 100 percent renewable future.

In the resolution, passed unanimously today, council directed staff to work on a package of policies that would effectively convert the entire city to run on renewable energy. The goal includes everything from cars, trucks, and buses, to building heat, to street lights. Staff will also work on a timeframe to implement the goal, and report back to Council this fall.

The following comments may be attributed to Jeremy Moorhouse, senior analyst with Clean Energy Canada:

  • “We’re impressed and proud that Vancouver has joined Stockholm, Copenhagen, Sydney, and a small group of other visionary cities that have set ambitious goals to meaningfully tackle climate disruption.”
  • “Though challenging, a 100 percent renewable-energy commitment is feasible. Vancouver already relies on British Columbia’s 93-percent-clean power grid, and costs of renewable energy equipment are plummeting.”
  • “Stanford University research has demonstrated how every state in the United States could switch to 100 percent renewable energy Now a major Canadian city is setting out to achieve this same goal.”
  • “In recent years, renewable energy moved from boutique to big. Last year, on a global basis investors moved more than $310 billion into the sector.”
  • “In the lead-up to the Paris climate talks, Vancouver has just bolstered its reputation as a global cleantech hub, reducing carbon pollution and keeping the air clean.”
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