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wind turbine

Alberta’s booming renewables industry

Home to all the right conditions, Alberta’s lucrative future as Canada’s wind and solar leader was pretty much cemented—until...

How do you know when a carbon price works?

For months now, Canadians have been treated to two starkly different carbon tax stories. In one version, it’s a fair, highly effective and essential policy to combat climate change—endorsed by...

Montreal skyline

How infrastructure could build Canada’s clean economy

Over the next decade, $180 billion is earmarked for roads, bridges and other public projects. It’s a massive opportunity to cut emissions. There’s an opportunity to fight climate change that is...

Forest fire

Denying solutions is the new climate change denial

Imagine you’re buying a car. The first dealership you check out has a number of them. You can test drive these cars, you know other people who have them and you can read reviews online. The second...

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

Can Canada get to 90 per cent non-emitting by 2030?

Energy: it’s a topic Canadian politicians can’t stop talking about. But the energy conversation is often framed around what we need to cut in the decades ahead—oil production, carbon pollution....