British Columbia

Media Statement: British Columbia Issues “Climate Challenge” to Other Governments

This afternoon, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark issued a “meet it or beat it” carbon-pricing challenge to encourage other governments to price carbon pollution at a level that either matches or exceeds the province’s current rate of $30/tonne.

The province also reaffirmed its commitment to meet 2020 and 2050 greenhouse-gas targets and announced it would create a new Climate Leadership Team, to be comprised of business, academic, civil society, and First Nations leaders.

The group will provide advice and recommendations to government as the province works to create a revitalized climate action plan, which it is calling Climate Plan 2.0.

The following remarks may be attributed to Merran Smith, executive director of Clean Energy Canada:

“Kudos to Premier Clark for throwing down the gauntlet and kicking off a ‘race to the top’ on carbon pricing—one of the more effective tools that governments have available to tackle climate disruption.”

“With the news out of Toronto today that Ontario has joined Quebec’s cap and trade system, provincial action on climate is undeniable, and building.”

“The Premier has backed up her challenge to others with a commitment to renewed action on her home turf. We expect the Climate Leadership Team will help British Columbia identify new opportunities to cut pollution and grow jobs, while meeting the province’s 2020 and 2050 targets.”


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