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B.C.’s Secret Weapon to Combat Climate Change? Electrify Everything.

TORONTO — Merran Smith, executive director at Clean Energy Canada, spoke at the announcement and made the following statement in response to the federal government announcement of an $83 million investment to help electrify industrial operations in the Peace Region, supporting one of the goals of B.C.’s climate and economy plan, CleanBC.

“We have a long history in Canada of governments that develop climate change plans but fail to follow through. The B.C. and federal governments are a welcome exception.

“The province has moved quickly over the past several months to deliver nearly a billion dollars to CleanBC initiatives in the budget, to introduce legislation that ensures British Columbians have access to electric cars, and with today’s announcement, to accelerate the electrification of natural gas production.

“Similarly, the federal government has moved to phase out coal-fired power, ensured every province and territory has a price on carbon pollution, will be regulating cleaner fuels, and is making it easier for Canadians to buy and charge electric cars.

“We have a secret weapon in B.C. to fight climate change and enhance our economic competitiveness: our clean and abundant electricity.

“This collaboration between the B.C. and federal government and BC Hydro is a welcome and critical step. We stand to accomplish much more working together than on our own. It’s a template that can and should be replicated as we move to electrify as much as we can, including other industries and manufacturing, how we heat our buildings and how we move around.

“Today marks another important step toward living up to Canada’s full potential to be among the world’s leaders in transitioning to clean energy while tackling climate change and building a competitive, sustainable economy.”


  • Electrifying natural gas projects in the Peace Region will cut carbon pollution by 2.6 million tonnes, and is a key commitment in Phase 1 of CleanBC.
  • Phase 1 of CleanBC commits to reducing industrial emissions by 8.4 million tonnes per year


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