Nathalie McLauchlin loves saving energy so much that she even enjoys paying her customers to make it happen. At her day job as director of program operations, conservation and demand management for Alectra Utilities, she leads a team of 27 people who lower power use in Central Ontario any way they can: installing LED lights…

Moni Kawtharani Job Title: Solar PV Technician, Crew Lead Company: SkyFire Energy Education/Credentials: First Year Electrical Apprentice (SAIT) Walk us through a day in the life of your job. What are some of your roles and responsibilities? I work on both rooftop solar installations and commercial projects. On a given day, my responsibilities include various…

While Vancouver’s Main Street buzzes with locals trying to beat the summer heat in one of the city’s most walkable neighbourhoods, a block away at Hayden by inHaus, the buzz is from construction. Workers are busy drilling, sawing and hammering to finish stylish, energy-efficient townhomes that will keep their owners warm in the winter and…

Residents of Porterville, California, breathe some of the most polluted air in America—but many have little choice, if they want to pay the bills. Now, thanks to an upstart Canadian success story, the people of Porterville can get to work on making their air cleaner. Some can even do it on their way to work….

VICTORIA—Merran Smith, executive director at Clean Energy Canada, commented today on the swearing-in of B.C. Premier John Horgan and his Cabinet: QUOTES “I’m thrilled that B.C.’s new government is committed to cutting carbon pollution while investing in clean energy innovation and creating jobs throughout the province. “Clean economic growth can benefit all British Columbians, and…

Merran Smith and Dan Woynillowicz at a solar panel manufacturing facility in China. Clean Energy Canada, 2017.

Last month marked the completion of what’s likely the world’s largest floating solar power farm—on a flooded coal-mining town, no less. And I probably don’t need to tell you where it was built, but I will anyway. China, of course, with its monumental displays of spinning wind turbines and horizon-reaching fields of solar panels. But…

Polling on taxes is always a bit fraught—people aren’t typically predisposed to wanting higher ones. What’s more, when it comes to carbon pricing, how a government goes about pricing pollution and what it does with the revenue is inherently complex. So polling on the subject is tricky, and unfortunately often leads to polls that aren’t…

If the global clean energy transition were a music festival, China would be dominating the main stage. In the past five years alone, China has invested over half-a-trillion dollars in renewables. That clean energy building spree has propelled the country to superstar status—a remarkable feat considering that, until recently, China was easy to dismiss as…

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