Our Monday digest of the week’s 10 most important climate and clean energy developments

Are mechanical trees in our future?

Clean Energy Review - October 16, 2017

PLUS: Decarbonization has a new name, Trump country lights up, and why "mechanical trees" may just be a moonshot with a chance. Read this week's Clean Energy Review.

If you recognize C:\, you know what's coming 

Clean Energy Review - October 9, 2017

PLUS: Solar totally outshines coal, GM goes all in, and the most effective climate policy you’ve probably never heard of. That and more in this week's Clean Energy Review.

The year they've been waiting for

Clean Energy Review - October 2, 2017

Plus: China and California have a similar goal in mind, Albertans are on an LED spree, and guess who's making an electric car now.

What the iPhone can tell us about EVs

Clean Energy Review - September 25, 2017

Plus: Japan's quiet energy revolution, a prediction for 2030, and will Ontario choo-choo-choose hydrogen power for its commuter trains?

China's latest industry-shaking unveil

Clean Energy Review - September 18, 2017

Plus: Where to put your money, a super awesome network of superchargers, and UPS gets into the electric mail game—but not the one you think.

Problem or opportunity?

Clean Energy Review - September 11, 2017

Plus: A world-saving bond with no martini preference, Scotland one-ups the U.K., and a war of semi-trucks (is Optimus Prime a Tesla?).

Hurricane Harvey: the big question

Clean Energy Review - September 5, 2017

Plus, you could get a free(!) smart thermostat, everything you wanted to know about solar panels, and what's 100 per cent times 139?

Is Ford going 'all-in'?

Clean Energy Review - August 28, 2017

Plus: Some efficient ideas about efficiency, Rick Perry vs. Rick Perry, and humanity's fate plotted out in colour-coded sticky notes.

This is getting awkward

Clean Energy Review - August 14, 2017

Plus: Washington heats up, EVs could spark the next gold rush, and what solar arrays have in common with blockbuster musicals. Read this week's Clean Energy Review.

Tesla's Model 3, reviewed

Clean Energy Review - August 8, 2017

Plus: A song of wind and water (and batteries) and some good news for Canadian smelters.

Guess who's getting an EV

Clean Energy Review - July 31, 2017

Plus: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's running on biofuels, Britain is banning gas-powered cars, and something for your summer road trip.

What's on B.C.'s horizon

Clean Energy Review - July 24, 2017

Plus, Canadians are talking about climate change, our buses are helping clear the air in American cities, and lessons from the navy.

It took a century

Clean Energy Review - July 17, 2017

Plus, Elon Musk brings the batteries, the problem with children, and that story that scared the hell out of you should scare the hell out of you.

Volvo doesn't hold back

Clean Energy Review - July 10, 2017

Welcome to the first summer edition of Clean Energy Review: the news you need, in a patio-friendly format.

Gigafactories galore

Clean Energy Review - July 3, 2017

Everyone wants a gigafactory, guess who's bigger than Bieber, and if you thought today's turbines are tall...just look at what's next.

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