Our Monday digest of the week’s 10 most important climate and clean energy developments

Trump. Paris. What's it mean for Canada?

Clean Energy Review - June 5, 2017

Plus, capitalism is concerned about climate change, the sun shines brightly on solar, and one way to get more electric cars on Canadian roads.

The job numbers are out

Clean Energy Review - May 29, 2017

Plus, Canadians are all for the clean energy transition, a road that will charge your car, and another reason to love LEGO.

Federal carbon pricing plan unveiled

Clean Energy Review - May 22, 2017

Plus, a really cool map of the clean energy transition, hydgoren's secret power, and the great—and troubling—thing about cities.

Investors have a message for Trump

Clean Energy Review - May 15, 2017

Plus, a clear message in a not-so-clear election, your chance to try an EV, and an opportunity to harness the power of Poseidon.

Time to get a little deep

Clean Energy Review - April 13, 2017 (special Easter edition)

Plus, hear from B.C.'s parties on clean growth.

The unstoppable force

Clean Energy Review - April 3, 2017

Plus, how Canada feels about Trump's climate decisions, and the country that's keen to fill the leadership gap.

So, how about that budget?

Clean Energy Review - March 27, 2017

Plus, is Donald Trump clean energy's best friend? Is 100% renewables the wrong approach? Welcome to our counterintuitive edition.

Trump takes on electric cars

Clean Energy Review - March 20, 2017

Plus, Canada's could-be clean energy capital, the prospect of peak oil, and the world's number-one EV seller is not who you think.

Just how big is clean energy?

Clean Energy Review - March 13, 2017

Plus, why Atlantic Canada loves wind power more than Ontario does, battles for battery supremacy, and enlightening revelations from the Outback.

Brace for impact [updated]

Clean Energy Review - March 6, 2017

Tesla's billion-dollar comeback in China, drone-designed solar farms, and how EV drivers are raking in the savings (even in Ontario).

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