With B.C.’s election around the corner, what do the province’s three major parties have planned for electric vehicles? Simon Fraser University’s Sustainable Transportation Research Team and Clean Energy Canada have prepared a comparison of EV policies from the B.C. Liberals, B.C. Greens and B.C. NDP. All statements are from party responses unless otherwise noted. For…

Ontario celebrated a successful inaugural cap and trade auction earlier this month, with a sellout of 2017 vintage allowances, raising $472 million dollars in revenue for the province’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Account. The big question is how the money will be spent. According to law, the proceeds of cap and trade must be spent on…

Opening the Government of Canada’s budget papers last week felt strangely celebratory. Budget day happened to fall on my birthday, and one of the policies I care about most is getting public procurement right. So it felt like unwrapping a gift when I read Ottawa’s new procurement plans, which will help spark clean energy innovation….

Amidst the flurry of headlines about the 2017 federal budget, Ontario held its first cap and trade auction last week. While it will take a few more weeks for the results to be calculated and posted, let’s review why Ontario decided to price carbon pollution in the first place, and why it’s the right choice….

Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled his second budget last week, and we saw a lot to like in its pages. The headline we took from this year’s edition is that Ottawa is not backing off on climate action. Those who hoped to see Ottawa slow down in the face of Donald Trump’s backward-looking agenda will…

In a new report released this morning, the Fraser Institute paints a simplistic portrait of Ontario’s coal phaseout—the single largest greenhouse gas reduction initiative in North America to date. Evaluating the coal phaseout solely on the basis of particulate matter and air quality misses the bigger picture—that burning coal for energy contributes to climate change…

The true measure of any climate plan can be boiled down to one question: how well does it reduce carbon pollution? Apply this test to the B.C. Climate Leadership Plan, which involved more than 15 months of consultation before its August release, and the answer is clear: the plan fails. Recently, Clean Energy Canada worked…

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