Clean Energy Canada | Upgrading public housing a win-win, cuts energy bills and pollution
November 22, 2018

VICTORIA — Merran Smith, executive director, and Dan Woynillowicz, policy director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statements in response to the B.C. government’s announcement that it will invest $400 million to make B.C.’s social housing stock more energy efficient and less polluting:

“This isn’t rocket science. Upgrading leaky, inefficient buildings saves energy—and that saves British Columbians money.

“Whether you’re a renter or an owner, everyone wants to live in a more comfortable, more affordable home. These building upgrades mean families and seniors will spend less money on their energy bills every month.”

—Merran Smith, Executive Director

“Wasting less energy saves money and, what’s more, helps us cut pollution—it’s a quintessential win-win. In many ways, energy efficiency is an unsung hero, enhancing affordability while helping address climate change.”

—Dan Woynillowicz, Policy Director


  • Modeling of the Economic Impact of Improved Energy Efficiency in Canada found that:

    • Every $1 spent on energy efficiency programs generates $7 of GDP.

    • Energy efficiency programs could annually contribute $3.8 billion towards B.C.’s GDP and create 18,300 jobs.

  • Canadians like energy efficiency. Recent public opinion research from Environics Research found that 88% of Canadians were interested in buying more efficient appliances, 79% in upgrading their homes to save energy, and 78% in switching to more efficient heating and cooling systems.


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