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Updated Greener Homes program will help make life for many Canadians cleaner and more affordable

OTTAWA — Joanna Kyriazis, Director of Public Affairs at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the federal government’s announcement of an updated Greener Homes Affordability Program as part of Canada’s Housing Plan

“The Canada Greener Homes initiative has been hugely popular with Canadians, and it’s easy to understand why: switching to clean energy and improving the efficiency of one’s home is a great way to save money every month. The program grew so popular, in fact, that the fund ran out of money ahead of schedule.

“To that end, Clean Energy Canada supports the $903.5 million renewal and upgrade to the program announced today as part of Budget 2024. While details of the new Greener Homes Affordability Program have yet to be announced, it will focus more specifically on low- and medium-income households.

“As our political leaders work to implement meaningful solutions to Canada’s affordability crisis, it’s worth remembering that the shift to a clean future brings with it serious savings, as both Canadian and international studies have shown. A recent Clean Energy Canada analysis found that a family that adopts a few common clean energy solutions—including EVs and heat pumps—could knock $800 off their monthly energy bills, compared to one that is largely reliant on fossil fuels.

“The Greener Homes Affordability Program will help more Canadians unlock these savings, as families can save over $400 a year by installing a heat pump, while energy efficiency upgrades, like new double-pane windows, can similarly save hundreds of dollars annually. 

“We look forward to seeing the details of the new program—as will many Canadians. The federal government should move swiftly to finalize these details so the program can start benefiting Canadians again as quickly as possible. Every month of further household savings and emission reductions counts.”


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