Report: Towards a Clean Energy Accord

In 2012, Clean Energy Canada hosted a series of meetings across the country to discuss how a Canadian energy strategy could help accelerate the nation’s transition to a prosperous low-carbon economy. The result is Towards a Clean Energy Accord.

The document is a collaborative, solutions-focused call for federal, provincial, and aboriginal governments to embrace the responsibility and opportunity of developing a bold new energy strategy for Canada.

DOWNLOAD: Towards a Clean Energy Accord  | Vers un Accord sur L’énergie Propre (.PDF, 1.8 MB)

The Accord outlines the opportunities and imperative of the energy transition, and reiterates the principles that any Canadian energy strategy must embrace. It also outlines the high-level policy priorities that a number of Canadian energy leaders told us any such plan should address.

To date, more than 700 organizations, companies, and governments have endorsed the document by signing a Statement of Support.

DOWNLOAD: Statement of Support for Towards a Clean Energy Accord (.PDF, 256KB).

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