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Media Statement: Clean Energy Canada Responds to Premiers’ Statement on Canadian Energy Strategy

Announcement from Merran Smith, director of Clean Energy Canada, on the Communiqué announced by premiers at the Council of the Federation:

“Today’s energy strategy announcement by the Premiers is a step in the right direction.”

“It is encouraging that climate change, renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions are included in the Communiqué about an energy strategy announced today by all of Canada’s premiers, except premier Clark.”

“We commend Christy Clark for highlighting the significant risks of transporting bitumen through British Columbia and we encourage her to join the energy strategy conversation.”

“Polling data by Harris Decima released yesterday by Tides Canada shows that Canadians agree that we need an energy strategy, and that such a strategy should transition Canada into a clean energy future, tackle climate change and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.”

Council of the Federation Statement: “Premiers Guide Development of Canada’s Energy Resources,” July 27, 2012. [.PDF, 224KB]

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