Shared Target Signals Growing Demand for Clean Energy Across North America

OTTAWA—Clare Demerse, federal policy advisor at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the North American Leaders’ Summit agreement on climate and clean energy:

“A North American clean energy target is good news for all three amigos. Today’s agreement sends a signal from the very top that there will be growing demand for clean power across North America.

“Canada already generates nearly two-thirds of its electricity from renewable sources like water, sun and wind—which means a continent-wide target is a significant export opportunity for this country’s clean energy sector.

“While we do have a head start over our neighbours, that doesn’t mean Canada can sit on the sidelines. Clean energy will be at the heart of any successful effort to tackle climate change, on our continent and around the world. Any new clean power we bring online, or fossil-fuelled electricity we take offline, will help achieve the continental target and our own climate goals.

“Canada is the only North American country without a national clean energy target in effect today. This agreement gives us another excellent reason to adopt one.”


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