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Media Release: New Report Flags the Top 10 Clean Energy Trends of 2014

TORONTO — As leaders from across the Americas kick off a three-day climate summit, a new online report details the top trends that are defining and driving the global shift to clean and renewable energy.

Tracking the Energy Revolution – Global 2015 flags the 10 most important clean-energy technology, policy, and business trends worldwide. It touches on the fossil fuel divestment movement, Tesla’s battery-storage revolution, the dropping installation costs that are driving an unprecedented build-out of solar and wind farms around the world, and more.

Sift through the top trends, and three themes emerge:

  1. It’s working; renewable energy is helping to combat climate change.

For the first time, compelling evidence has emerged that the billions of dollars being invested in clean energy and efficiency are starting to slow the rise of carbon pollution.

  1. Innovation is driving down costs and making clean energy more accessible.

Tesla’s Gigafactory will effectively double the global supply of lithium batteries, ultimately making electric vehicles cheaper and the pairing of home solar and power storage more accessible.

  1. Carbon pricing is fast becoming “the new normal.”

This past year, another 10 countries either implemented a price on carbon pollution or committed to do so. Thirty-nine countries, and more than 23 states and provinces, now price carbon.

For a full list of trends, see the attached backgrounder, or browse the report at An electronic press kit also includes images and other assets available to media. In September, we will publish a companion Tracking The Energy Revolution—Canada report, which will assess provincial progress.

We produce these reports to inform governments and to inform and inspire policy leadership so that Canada can maximize the opportunities the clean energy shift presents.


“There’s no shortage of bad news these days, but the good news is that renewables are capably delivering the energy we need and plateaued the growth of carbon pollution last year,” said Merran Smith, Executive Director of Clean Energy Canada.

“Connect the dots between these trends and it’s clear that the global clean-energy shift is picking up speed. Canadian policy makers need to start paying closer attention,” Smith added.

“Innovation is exploding and leading economies are embracing clean, safe, and affordable energy. It’s an exciting time, and a tremendously hopeful time,” Smith said.





The 10 Most Important Trends Defining and Driving the Global Clean Energy Revolution

  1. A New Hope: Renewables Stall Out Carbon Pollution

Massive global investments in efficiency plus solar, wind, hydro, and other clean technologies appear to have stalled the global growth of carbon pollution.

  1. As Solar Prices Drop, Affordability Rises

Solar (and wind) power prices are nipping at the heels of fossils and nuclear power

  1. Tesla’s Gigafactory Poised to Unleash Battery Revolution

New generation of cheaper, smaller, better batteries could prove a transportation game changer.

  1. 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goes Mainstream

Businesses, cities, and whole countries are committing to a future beyond fossil fuels

  1. The Rise of Climate Diplomacy: Superpowers Move From Finger-Pointing to Handshaking

The world’s two biggest polluters move to cut carbon and dial back fossil fuel reliance

  1. Wind Roars Back

Developers and utilities are cashing in investment in wind power

  1. Developing World Plugging In to Renewable Power

The path to prosperity is lined with solar panels

  1. Carbon Pricing is Fast Becoming the New Normal

Another 10 national governments step up to the carbon-pricing plate

  1. Global Clean Energy Economy Surging

The global clean energy products and services market is now worth a cool CAD$790 billion

  1. Divestment Movement Gains New Allies

Is it time to move your money?

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