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Perspectives on "Tracking the Energy Revolution" What Academics and Business Leaders Are Saying

DOWNLOAD: Tracking the Energy Revolution - Global [.PDF, 1.7MB]
DOWNLOAD: Tracking the Energy Revolution – Global – 2014 [.PDF, 2MB]

“With financial returns now becoming very real, it’s increasingly clear that sustainability initiatives can create profits and business opportunities while answering the call to solve some of the world’s greatest economic and environmental challenges. This insightful new report from Clean Energy Canada further bolsters our belief that the time for subsidized cleantech is over as a ‘win-win-win-win’ for innovative companies, industrial giants, investors and society at large is emerging.”

Wal van Lierop, President and CEO, at Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

“Renewable energy is at a tipping point. As costs continue to decline, investors are increasingly pulling capital away from dirty energy and directing it towards clean opportunities. This new report is a compelling snapshot of this global market shift.”

Andrew Heintzman, president of Investeco Capital

Tracking the Energy Revolution shows us how the world is building a more resilient economy. The world is looking to Canadian solutions to solve the challenges of climate change.  Hundreds of companies across the country are employing 41,000 Canadians to bring solutions to the very countries Clean Energy Canada has profiled in this insightful and timely report.  Let’s continue to track the world’s energy revolution.”

Céline Bak, Co-Founder, The Canadian Clean Technology Coalition

“Clean energy represents the single most important global market of the 21st century; it’s growing so fast that even big energy incumbents are waking up to the opportunity (and threat).Tracking the Energy Revolution provides a clear and intuitive guide to that opportunity for civic leaders and citizens alike.”

Tom Rand, Managing Partner, Artctern Ventures, and author, Waking the Frog.

“This excellent report is essential reading for decision-makers. It clearly shows how to achieve prosperity and climate security by expanding strategic renewable energy sources to their full potential.”

Jose Etcheverry Ph.D., Co-Chair, Sustainable Energy Initiative, York University

“Over 30 years of industry experience in finance, renewable energy as well as speaking and representing Canada in international forums have taught me the importance of having information that is clear, concise and most importantly correct. Clean Energy Canada’s Tracking the Energy Revolution delivers on each of these important key attributes.

John Kourtoff, President & CEO, Trillium Power, Canadian Delegate for a Low Carbon Economy, G8 Environmental Summit

Tracking the Energy Revolution is a fascinating review of our energy future! It is topical and relevant to all Canadians, and provides astounding facts that will show even the deniers why clean energy is now mainstream and global. I recommend it to every person as a quick, fact-filled review of immense and current importance to Canada’s energy equation.”

Ross Beaty, Executive Chairman, Alterra Power

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