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Our partnerships

As part of the Morris J. Wosk Centre For Dialogue at Simon Fraser University, we form transformational, multisectoral partnerships with other think tanks, environmental groups, industry, and Indigenous organizations to inform and accelerate Canada’s transition to a clean energy economy.

Current work

Our work today is all about taking concrete steps toward Canada’s clean energy future. In addition to convening stakeholders from key sectors who share this vision, we also create and join powerful alliances to increase collective influence.

Alongside steel, cement, and other industry stakeholders in the Buy Clean Industry Alliance (convened by Clean Energy Canada), Clean Energy Canada encourages governments to adopt a competitive Buy Clean approach to public procurement.

As part of the Electric Mobility Canada Government Relations Committee, Clean Energy Canada engages with the EV industry to help advance key electric transportation and infrastructure policies in Canada, like the forthcoming federal zero-emission vehicle sales mandate.

Co-chaired by Clean Energy Canada, the Canadian Battery Task Force works with industry leaders to advance a Canadian battery supply chain.

Clean Energy Canada works with other members of Blue Green Canada to ensure that Canadian governments design and implement worker-focused and job-creating decarbonization solutions.

Our past partnerships include:

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clean Energy Canada joined finance, policy, and sustainability leaders across Canada to provide urgent advice to governments and the private sector on how Canada could “build back better.” Learn more about the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery.

Clean Energy Canada provided Secretariat support to the Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity, which works to build public support for the development of renewable electricity resources across Canada.

Clean Energy Canada was part of the 100-organization Clean Economy Alliance, which urged the province of Ontario to show leadership in addressing climate change.

Partnering with The Energy Forum, a coalition of B.C.-based power generators and conservation organizations, Clean Energy Canada helped promote stronger energy and climate policies and practices in British Columbia. 

As a former member of the Building Energy Innovators Council, Clean Energy Canada helped industry accelerate the collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies across Canada.

Through our partner program, we practiced what we preach: helping communities install and experience solar power. See how Solar Now made a real difference.

Though we welcome donations from private citizens, we are proud to partner with a variety of Canadian philanthropists and philanthropic organizations that provide us with the majority of our funding. In the recent past, we have welcomed support from:

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