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Ontario’s climate plan needs to fill in its blanks

TORONTO — Sarah Petrevan, senior policy advisor at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the Ontario government’s plan to address climate change:

“If you want to tackle climate change, you need a plan. For months we’ve been listening to the Ontario government say what they wouldn’t do, and now they’ve said what they will do.

“Unfortunately, while the plan rightfully acknowledges the seriousness of climate change, it remains scarce on details—setting an emissions target without clear pathways to hit it.

“There are parts of today’s plan that show promise, such as a climate change impact assessment to guide future decision-making. Ontarians will benefit from understanding the risks and financial impacts of climate change—and how it hits their wallets.

“Ontario is also home to a thriving clean technology sector. The plan proposes a Carbon Trust to unlock private investment in cost-competitive clean energy solutions, such as battery storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This approach offers some potential.

“But details matter, and a clear commitment to address climate change is required. Both are lacking in today’s announcement.”


  • The planned reverse auction system hasn’t worked in Australia, instead paying for projects that would have gone ahead even without taxpayers footing the bill.

  • In 2017, the cleantech sector in Ontario included 5,000 companies with 130,000 employees and $19.8 billion in annual revenue.

  • Severe weather across Ontario has caused close to $1 billion in insured damage so far in 2018.

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