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NDP victory positions B.C. to be a global climate leader

VICTORIA — Merran Smith, executive director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the outcome of the 2020 B.C. provincial election: 

“We would like to congratulate Premier John Horgan and the rest of the BC NDP team on their election victory Saturday night.

“While voters surely found many reasons to re-elect this government, an important pillar of its first term in power was the CleanBC plan to re-establish the province as a national climate leader while strengthening the economy.

“From an increase in electric vehicle availability to energy-saving buildings, British Columbians have already seen and felt firsthand the benefits of this vital strategy—one that will ensure B.C. stays resilient and competitive in the years and decades ahead.

“CleanBC was created in partnership with the BC Greens, who also deserve credit for its accomplishments. And the work is far from done, especially as we map out a recovery that leaves B.C. better off. Premier Horgan called CleanBC ‘the most progressive climate action plan in North America.’ We strongly encourage the premier and his new majority government to build on CleanBC in order to maintain this competitive leadership position on climate. We also encourage them to reach across the legislative aisle as they did before and find common ground with the BC Greens.

“One need only look to New Zealand, a jurisdiction similar in size to B.C., whose newly elected majority government has said it will consider continuing to work with its former Green partners—not out of necessity, but because New Zealanders voted strongly in favour of parties that showed ambition on climate change.

“British Columbians expect their political leaders to build on the important work that has already begun. Indeed, a majority believe the province should put fighting climate change at the centre of its COVID recovery plan.

“The destination is a sustainable economy that is clean, competitive and fair for everyone—and CleanBC is the roadmap that gets us there. This weekend’s election made clear that British Columbians would like to continue following it.”


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