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Manitoba releases Climate and Green Plan

VANCOUVER—Dan Woynillowicz, policy director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the Manitoba government’s Climate and Green Plan:

“Manitoba’s plan gets the basics right: a price on carbon pollution, capitalizing on clean energy and efficiency, and focusing on the economic opportunity that can accompany these efforts. There are many details to fill in, but it’s the right approach if effectively implemented.

“With its abundant hydro and other forms of clean energy, Manitoba can demonstrate leadership by increasingly shifting from fossil fuels to renewable power. Similarly, the potential to export more clean electricity to Saskatchewan through an expanded grid would help cut pollution elsewhere in Canada.

“The proposed $25 carbon tax is a good start, but given it would stay flat until 2022, a five-year review is critical to ensure it actually delivers results. Evidence from B.C. illustrates the need for a carbon tax to rise over time to remain effective.

“With this plan, the Manitoba government is sending the right signals to citizens and businesses. Pollution comes at a cost, and reducing it offers opportunities to both save money and make money, balancing the environment and the economy.”

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