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Manitoba budget recognizes the strategic importance and affordability benefits of a clean economy

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TORONTO — Rachel Doran, vice president of policy and strategy at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to Manitoba’s 2024 budget:

“Manitoba’s Budget 2024 rightfully recognizes the opportunities for households and businesses in a cleaner, more sustainable economy.

“It also recognizes the affordability benefits, with the introduction of a $4,000 rebate for new EVs and a $2,500 rebate for used EVs, which will allow more households in Manitoba to access the long-term savings that come with driving an electric vehicle. This aligns Manitoba with a number of other provinces and the federal government, where these measures have already proven hugely popular and effective.

“Indeed, Budget 2024 recognizes that household clean energy solutions like EVs and heat pumps not only reduce emissions but provide real savings to families. After all, the cheapest way to save on gas is to simply not pay for it.

“With investments in the manufacturing of zero-emission buses and the development of a critical minerals strategy, the province is setting itself up to become a low-carbon leader. Additionally, Manitoba’s new $50 million Strategic Innovation Fund and investments in training a skilled workforce for low-carbon jobs further prepares the province to seize the opportunities of a changing world.

“We look forward to working with Manitoba and any province taking real action to combat climate change, improve affordability, and build a more sustainable economy.”


Manitoba’s Budget 2024 includes:

  • A $4,000 rebate for new electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids and a $2,500 rebate for used EVs and plug-in hybrids ($5.4 million allocated for rebates) 
  • $6.4 million to protect the environment through a collection of climate and sustainability initiatives
  • An additional $8 million in funding for wildfire protection
  • A $10 million investment in New Flyer Industries Group’s All Canadian Build facility to manufacture, finish, and service zero-emission buses in Manitoba and create a National Heavy Equipment Vehicle Innovation Centre of Excellence
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