On Location: "The Global Energy Boom: How Canada Can Catch Up And Cash In"

On March 6, Clean Energy Canada partnered with Canada 2020 in Ottawa to cohost The Global Clean Energy Boom: How Canada Can Catch Up And Cash In. The after-work event featured Ethan Zindler, the head of policy analysis for Bloomberg New Energy Finance—the definitive source of insight, data and news on the transformation of the energy sector.

Zindler delivered an insightful presentation on the state of the global clean energy market in a talk that touched on renewables, electric vehicles, smart grids, and more. In particular, he  highlighted how China’s increased demand for renewables has drawn down the capital cost of wind and solar energy such that in some markets it is becoming  competitive with fossil energy sources—even without subsidies.

Following the presentation, Clean Energy Canada director Merran Smith and Canada 2020 cofounder Tim Barber sat down with Zindler for an  question and answer session on the opportunities that the global clean energy opportunity offers Canada.

All Images: Matthew Usherwood.

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