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Media Statement: LNG Canada Shows Cleaner Plants Are Well Within Reach

Today, LNG Canada—a joint venture company primarily owned by Shell Canada Energy—announced its proposed Kitimat liquefied natural gas plant will meet and beat British Columbia’s recently established greenhouse-gas standard. The following remarks may be attributed to Jeremy Moorhouse, senior analyst with Clean Energy Canada.

“Shell’s commitment to meet and beat the government’s carbon pollution standard proves that companies have ready access to efficient, cleaner technologies. Proponents don’t need to write cheques for credits to comply with the carbon rules, while producing more pollution than they actually need to.”

“While the company’s move is positive and sets the bar for others, on its own it won’t result in the cleanest LNG in the world. LNG production releases carbon pollution all the way down the chain of production, from wellhead to waterline.

“LNG proponents like Shell—which will likely drill for natural gas in Northeastern B.C. to supply its facility—need to apply the same effort all the way along the production chain.”

“To credibly tout the cleanest LNG in the world, government and the industry must demonstrate continued and strengthened leadership —and even if B.C. does ensure that this industry is built to world-leading standards, it would still sharply increase the province’s greenhouse-gas emissions.”

Background: Lock in Jobs, Not Pollution, Clean Energy Canada report, January 2014

Background: The Cleanest LNG in the World?, Clean Energy Canada report, September 2013

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