Clean Energy Canada | Listen: "A Year for the Record Books - Tracking the Energy Revolution Global 2016"
April 14, 2016

Energy headlines in 2015 were dominated by plunging oil prices, scaled-back fossil fuel investment, and jobs losses, leaving many industry watchers wondering how clean energy could compete with cheap oil, gas and coal.

But new data shows clean energy did compete, and it won—a record US$367 billion was invested globally in clean energy last year.

In this webinar, Clean Energy Canada and panelists Amy Grace, Head of North American wind analysis at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Hando Kang, Vice President of International Affairs at SkyPower Global will unpack the key findings of our latest global edition of Tracking the Energy Revolution (full report here), a series that maps out where clean energy investment dollars are flowing, who is leading the way, and who is falling behind.

Click below to access our Powerpoint through Slideshare.

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