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Did Somebody Say Road Trip? Green Energy Open House Day Coming to Ontario

Rooftop Solar Tour

Ontario’s clean-energy creds are tough to beat.

The province was the first jurisdiction in North America to phase out coal, and the first to have a comprehensive Green Energy Act—with a successful Feed-in Tariff program that is steadily greening the grid. Thanks to the policy, thousands of people are at work across the province assembling solar modules, wiring up wind-energy components, welding wind turbine towers, and more.

However, many Ontarians remain in the dark about this vital and growing green energy industry, and why it matters. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s Green Energy Doors Open event, coming October 5.

It’s a province-wide showcase of individual, community, public and commercial sustainable energy projects, businesses, manufacturing sites, education programs and other related initiatives. If you live in Ontario and love clean energy, or are just curious for an up-close view, it’s a great excuse for a road trip.

Green Energy Doors Open aims to raise awareness, understanding and support for sustainable energy by providing citizens with the opportunity to visit, see, touch and talk about the projects in their backyard. We hope you can find an event near you, and join in.

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