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Federal support for energy efficiency will deliver clean growth

VICTORIA — Dan Woynillowicz, policy director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the federal government’s announcement on new funding for energy efficiency and climate action:

“The cheapest kind of energy is the energy we don’t use, so investing in energy efficiency just makes sense. If you can get the same outcome, whether that’s a warm home or a brightly lit desk, why wouldn’t you want to pay less?”

“Of course, lower power and heating bills require that you first invest in new and better products and materials—LED lights, smart thermostats, better insulation. That’s where this federal support comes in.

“Not only will it help people modernize their homes and businesses, it will create jobs and opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs. We are fortunate to have a growing number of Canadian companies producing and installing energy efficiency solutions—it means not only can we buy clean, we can buy Canadian.”


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