Federal budget’s clean energy investments welcome

OTTAWA—Clare Demerse, federal policy advisor at Clean Energy Canada, made the following comments in response to the federal budget released Wednesday:

“We’re pleased that the new federal budget makes smart investments for clean energy and climate action in Canada. Despite the election of Donald Trump, this budget leaves no question that clean growth remains a priority for Justin Trudeau’s government.

“The budget points to clean technology as a huge opportunity for Canada, and that’s absolutely right. It makes investments that will grow Canada’s cleantech sector, from financing to export support to smarter procurement.

“The budget also sets aside infrastructure dollars for clean energy, smart grids, energy storage and electric vehicle infrastructure—making sure those essential clean energy investments don’t get lost among other priorities.

“And although the dollars won’t flow until 2019 or later, the budget provides the kind of nuts-and-bolts funding needed to deliver Canada’s new national climate plan. Writing regulations and strengthening building codes may not seem glamorous, but it’s necessary work that needs funding to get done.”

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