New Report Explores How B.C. Can Deliver the "Cleanest LNG In the World"

Small LNGReport-CoverV2-02-01For the past year and a half, the Government of British Columbia has been promising that its proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry will produce LNG that is “the cleanest in the world.”

But what does that mean, exactly? And can industry deliver on the province’s commitment?

The answers are in our new report, The Cleanest LNG in the World? How to Slash Carbon Pollution From Wellhead to Waterline in British Columbia’s Proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Industry.

[Read the Full Report Online or Download .PDF Version.]

The truth is, both government and the gas sector have a challenge on their hands. Under current policy, LNG produced at an “off-the-shelf” plant in British Columbia—the kind the industry is currently proposing—would emit more than three times the carbon pollution of that produced in current world-leading operations.

Proven technologies and solutions exist to bring down the massive carbon footprint of this proposed industry and reach the coveted global gold standard, but government must mandate that the industry use them.

We produced this report to inform ongoing public and policy discussions, such that any new LNG industry and associated infrastructure will present the smallest possible impact—not only to the climate, British Columbia’s water and world-class ecosystems, and the people who live in them, but also to the province’s hard-fought international reputation for climate leadership.

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